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Keweenaw County, Michigan


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(Effective April 3, 2021)

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Main House 1

Main House: Summer

An oasis on the shores of Lake Superior nestled in the beautiful North Woods of the Keweenaw Peninsula!

The main house and second building are fully insulated for year-round living but are also easily winterized for those who will live elsewhere during the cold months. The house is small, but there is ample room on the property for expansion. Property is walking distance from the sandy beaches of Great Sand Bay. Across the road are many walking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobile trails through the woods of Eagle Harbor Township.

Your dream home might just be awaiting you here!

Lot Size: ≈3.42 acres
Shoreline: ≈224 feet
Zoning: Resort-Residential

View From Window

Main House: Winter

Main House

Second Building


Cash $275,000

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Three Buildings

Main House 1 Office Office Office

Picture 1

There are two heated buildings. The building to the front I use as an office; it is between the road and the main house. You can see the house behind the office; it lies between the office and Lake Superior.

Picture 2

This is a full view of the office. We've installed an underground Ethernet cable between the office building and the main house. Wall jacks are used at both ends.

Picture 3

This is a full view of the main house. Notice Lake Superior behind it. There are two bedroom windows on this side of the house that face the road (one of them is obscured behind the lilac bush.

Picture 4

The garage is on the opposite side of the driveway from the office and main house. Its 10-foot doors accommodate a conversion van with high top. The garage also has a second floor unfinished "bonus room." Identical large windows on the 2nd level overlook the road (shown) and Lake Superior on the opposite side. The lake side of the garage also has two windows and a side door.

Main House Interior: Living Room and Dining Areas

Main House 1 Office Office Office

Picture 5

This is a view of the living room from the front door. Notice the large stone fireplace. Cable television is available. There are two picture windows, one on either side of the fireplace, that face Lake Superior: the window here and the window in Picture 7. However, my photography skills are not "professional grade," and you can't see the Lake in this photo. Picture 8 shows the same window: there you can see the view.

Picture 6

This is a view of the living room from the fireplace. This house is well equipped for electrical outages. Notice the gas light on the wall. There are three such lights. Heat, hot water, and the kitchen stove and oven are all gas. The line of sight through the window in this picture follows the shoreline, but plenty of Lake Superior is visible.

Picture 7

The dining area is to the left of the fireplace. Although we currently use a small table, we have had a full-size dining room table in the same location. This is the second of the two picture windows that face Lake Superior.

Picture 8

This is the same window as in Picture 5. Here you can see the view of Lake Superior that we have through this window. You get the same view of the Lake through the window in Picture 7.

Main House Interior: Living Room and Dining Areas, Continued

Main House 1 Office

Picture 9

This photo shows the front view of the stone fireplace. The two windows on either side are the two picture windows that overlook Lake Superior.

Picture 10

Here's another view of the dining area showing the door that leads to the fenced-in side yard.

Main House Interior: Kitchen

Main House 1 Office Office

Picture 11

This shows you the kitchen area as seen from the table in Picture 7. Note the gas light over the counter. The third gas light is on the opposite side of this divider in the kitchen area. The door partially visible leads to the fenced-in side yard.

Picture 12

This shows a closeup of the same area of the previous picture. The window over the sink faces the fenced-in side yard.

Picture 13

This is a view of the kitchen area from the side door. Notice the built-in oven and stove top. Both are gas. For a small kitchen, there is a lot of cabinet space.

2nd Building ("Office") Interior

Office Office Office Office

Picture 14

The second building (the "office") has three main rooms and a small storage room. This is a view of the middle and largest room, which I use as my library. All the book shelves in this room are free standing and none convey. The walls are all knotty pine as in the main house. Notice that I have a bookcase in front of the stone fireplace in the center of the picture. The room has two picture windows. The window on the left faces Lake Superior, and the one on the right faces the road. The door that opens toward the road, shown in Pictures 1 and 2, is at the end of the wall on the right.

Picture 15

This is the picture window in the office that faces Lake Superior. It looks out onto the fenced-in side yard, but you can also see the Lake. You also see the back porch for the door that opens at the kitchen area of the main house.

Picture 16

Here you can actually see the door that opens to the road.

Picture 17

This building is not plumbed. However, in the small storage area we do have an electric toilet. There is a door on the left just before the door to the storage room. It leads to a room on the driveway side of the building that I use for my office, which is quite a bit smaller than the middle room. It is too cluttered to photograph.

2nd Building ("Office") Interior, Continued

Office Office Office Office

Picture 18

This picture was taken in the middle room and shows the archway into the third room on the yard side of the building. The door leads to the fenced-in yard.

Picture 19

This is a closer view of the this room. Like the window in Picture 15, this one also faces Lake Superior. Note the LP gas heating unit.

Picture 20

Here you see the opposite side of the room. Notice the phone: all three rooms in this building have phone jacks. The window faces the road.

Picture 21

This view shows the same side of the room as seen in Picture 19 but from a different angle.


Main House 1 Office Office

Picture 22

This picture showing our beautiful Weeping Willow was taken from the garage side of the driveway. The "office" building is behind the tree. The tree can also be seen on the right side of Picture 1. (The couple in front of the tree is not us.)

Picture 23

Here is a side view of the "office" building. It also shows the entrance to the side yard. Notice the five-foot chainlink fence.

Picture 24

Here is a beautiful rainbow over Lake Superior as viewed from our two picture windows.

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